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Updating Your Home’s Old School Thermostat

Also known as a wireless thermostat, internet thermostat or digital thermostat, a WI-FI thermostat is a device used in home automation to control ambient temperature. Home automation systems enable users to perform regulation of domestic appliances via controllers, sensors, and electronic interfaces. A Wi-Fi thermostat works in conjunction with your apartments, commercial or house HVAC system, in order to maintain pleasant temperatures. The best Wi-Fi thermostats (like the Nest E) possess an array of sensors to enable control the heating and cooling systems. While the standard thermostat is more of a heating control panel in your premises, the smart thermostat can be controlled remotely when you are away from home. The thermostat is programmed such that you can adopt custom preferences on how cold or hot you need your place to be.

How does a Wi-Fi thermostat work?
A digital thermostat works in the same way as a conventional one save for its connection to the internet via an internal portable address or IP address. The main function of the IP address is to enable users to send remote commands over the internet from a smartphone, computer, and tablet or web application. Commands, in this case, may range from simply switching the appliance on or off or changing its scheduled programming.

How do you correctly use a WIFI Thermostat?
Wi-Fi thermostats are generally not hard to install as most do come with an installation guide or manual. After successful setting it up, it is required that the user sets their security credentials and login passwords which will be used by the program to authenticate identity. One can then proceed to make different settings and preferences that they feel they require. It is recommended that you should set the temperature you want your premises to have at any given time of the day. You can also utilize a WIFI thermostat app for IOS or Android devices so as to monitor and control your settings on your smartphone or tablet.

How Can a WIFI Thermostat Help Save you Money?
Digital thermostats, when used in a correct way, can save you $300 to $400 worth of electricity bills per annum. This is because they are eco-friendly, efficient and generally consume more energy because they are smart. In the case that you are away from home and have forgotten to turn off the thermostat, you can do it remotely through your smartphone hence saving you the money you would have wasted. With the WIFI thermostat system, you get to have full control over your heating and cooling system, convenience, comfort and get to save money.

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