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Music streaming has taken root in every music lover’s device. The truth is, almost everyone streams a few songs a day. There are a few music-streaming services offered by different companies, each with certain advantages over the other, which brings about the division of the users. These two music-streaming platforms are excellent in different ways at the same time. To help you make a better decision and differentiate the advantages one platform has over the other, this article lists down the major considerable differences. This will help you understand the section where each platform outdoes the other in the Apple Music vs. Spotify battle.


The music library is a major consideration when choosing between these two music-streaming services. You need an assurance that the music library will have almost every song you can think of. However, there is a tie here. These two platforms have about the same number of songs on their music libraries. Apple music provides a music library with over 40 million songs, which is the same with Spotify. Therefore, in terms of the number of music tracks on the playlists, there is a draw.

There is a catch, however. These two platforms have a slight difference. Due to the wide range of users of the Apple Music platform, artistes provide certain exclusives to the Apple music platform. In certain occurrences, Apple Music has provided their subscribers with songs that take time to appear on the Spotify platform, which means that, in this respect, Apply Music beats Spotify.

Interface design

The beauty of the interface is a huge consideration in the Apply Music vs. Spotify battle. These two platforms have very beautiful interfaces. The Spotify interface has remained unchanged over the years because the platform’s users love it the way it is. However, Apple Music redesigned their platform in iOS 10, a redesign that is very commendable. In terms of the beauty of the interface, they tie.

However, in terms of the interface, beauty is not the only consideration. Being a music platform, it should be easy to navigate through the playlists and other features available, something that these two giant platforms have failed to consider. The two platforms are not easy to understand for beginners and are a bit complex. Even though this is a tie, the two tie at a loss.


You will obviously consider the price set for these two platforms. They have a nice price. Apple Music and Spotify Premium are $10 a month for single accounts with an additional option for family accounts, with up to six accounts, at $15 a month. Apple has an additional offer though. You can opt to pay yearly, which will save you $20 as a result. Per year, you can pay $99 for Apple. Both platforms have a discount for students, $4.99.

There is one way that Spotify beats Apple. Apple offers a free 3-month trial for beginners, which is amazing. Spotify offers the same offer, for 99 cents though. However, the Spotify platform has a free plan with ads. For people who do not mind ads, you can enjoy Spotify for no cost at all. In this respect, Spotify takes Apple Music down.

These two platforms are very similar in most ways. It is up to you to choose from the two and decide what features will make you choose one over the other.

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